Paintball in imprejurimile Sibiului

Paint ball can be played as a military game in open space (woods). This game can be played after many scenery. Generally there are two teams which have different starting points in the base. The winning team is the one who manages to mark all the players of the opposite team, or the one who manages to capture the objective (opposite base, flag, neutral objects) but without being marked by the enemies.

The team game is more attractive and it needs both physical and mental effort, coordination, cooperation and a few qualities accepted by the group.

By playing paint ball you have the opportunity to release your frustration of every day life, on your friends, colleges or bosses who are in the opposite team. A lot of companies use this kind of games for team buildings, and they obtain great results in their activity. This game is played only with authorized guns and with special protection suites. Everything is played after strictly rules, and no unauthorized persons who were not trained are not allowed inside the game.

By collaborating with NEXUS PAINTBALL Sibiu ( you can benefit , along with staying at the Trandafirul Villa, of an attractive game. Don't hesitate to contact us!